Our house in Madeira

is in the perfect location.

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We built a luxury villa with a self contained apartment

both with stunning views.

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Our dream was to build a contemporary villa

with infinity swimming pool and stunning views of the ocean and coastline.

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P1020050Building a dream house in Madeira

We decided years ago that we wanted to retire to a warmer climate and build our dream house and who wouldn’t? We eventually found Madeira, a Portuguese island with a sub-tropical moderate climate and we decided this was the place.

After a lot of investigation, we were fortunate to meet a very reputable building company based in the Ponta do Sol. This was our preferred area on the West coast of Madeira, our dream had begun. Initially, through the builder, we visited houses he had already built and spoke directly to the owners. From this, we gained valuable insights into their experiences of building a house with him. This helped us to make the difficult decision to place our trust in a building company whilst still living in the UK. We hope this website will help those considering the move to live in Madeira and building their dream house built too.

We selected our plot of land from a variety to choose from according to our requirements. We then spent time with the architect fine tuning a design to create our vision. Madeira has over a million tourists each year so we decided to have a small business in the tourist trade. It seemed perfect to design the house with a separate self-contained holiday apartment to rent out to tourists. We were both retiring from full time work, so a small business was perfect.

P1020058We moved into our new house in October 2014, as with any house move it had its moments. There was plenty of planning and logistics with buying all the necessary items for the  house and apartment in the UK. We then had to find a way to ship it all to Madeira. We can also recommend a fantastic shipping company!

It took us three months to settle in, but our builder job didn’t finish once the house was built. As part of the service he provides, he took us to all the necessary departments to register us in the country. Portuguese and local Madeiran law can be complex, especially when you don’t speak Portuguese! Being the first time either of us had moved to live permanently in another country, we don’t know how we could have done this without our builder’s help. Banks, health care, car, insurance, telephones, cable, fiscal numbers, utilities and much more were all part of the service. We also had the additional work to register the holiday apartment business and gain the required licence from the council in order to rent it out legally.

Once all the paperwork was completed it was time to advertise the apartment to rent, this was straightforward and easy to complete using a well known holiday rental website.

If you would like to find out more about our experience building our house here in Madeira just get in touch, we would love to help your dream come true too.

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